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How to install exhaust fan in greenhouse?


The design and installation position of the fan in the greenhouse shall consider the resistance of the fan exhaust, and the direction of the fan exhaust outlet opposite to the direction with relatively small resistance shall be selected as far as possible to avoid the resistance of the exhaust by th

Advantages of using cooling pad in farm


We often use cooling pads. What should we do for the maintenance of cooling pads?1) In order to ensure fresh and clean air, cooling pads shall not be placed around the smell and peculiar smell of radioactive substances, corrosive substances and articles2) After one year of use, maintain the water pu

What are the advantages of using exhaust fan to the farm?


Ventilation has the following benefits:1) Oxygen supply to livestock2) Supply wind speed for livestock (at its height)3) Remove carbon dioxide, ammonia and other harmful gases4) Remove excess water (humidity) from the house

How to raise healthy and high quality livestock?


1) Maintain good health and comfortable environment2) Ensure sufficient and high quality feed3) Provide good water quality4) Supply sufficient oxygen5) Keep the temperature suitable and stableAmong them, the temperature is particularly important, which is directly related to the comfort of living po

Why Is it Important that a Greenhouse have an Exhaust Fan?


Who would’ve thought that in the middle of the New York concrete jungle sits 115 acres of greenhouse land?Amazing, right?But that’s not all! These facilities generate a whopping $27 million worth of greenhouse produce!In fact, with 435 greenhouse growers/producers, New York ranks second in terms of


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