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Manure Scrapper Machine

  • MSM002


◆ Adopting the most advanced international cycloid pin wheel reducer, to ensure the reasonableness of output transmission ratio.

◆ Small size, easy to operate

◆ Special thinckening scraper, ensuring long life of the machine

◆ The scraper is molded by high-accuracy numerical control machine, never deformation.

◆ Special transmission chainsabrasion resistance, corrosion-resistant, long-time life.

Operation Application

◆ Operator should unstandstand the mechanism,performance and atravel switch control,often check the cintrol systemand safety system reliability
◆ It should be at least two times a day the dung cleaning
◆ The speed reducer general every six momths with a lubricating oil
◆ Frequently cleear dung scraping board residual manure ,to prolong the service life of equipment


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