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HY-Plastic Cooling Pad


Our advantages

1. Long service life. It can work for 5- 8 years

2. The surface can be cleaned at any time when there is dust accumulation and the cooling effect of dust collection will not decrease year by year.

3. No smell, fundamentally eliminate the traditional wet curtain taste, harmless to the human body.
4. Uniform color, no size error, flat appearance.

5. Waterproof flow splash, prevent birds from pecking and mouse from biting, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance of 100ºC.


- Whole casing made of plastic
- Cooling pads made of Polypropylene
- Thickness cooling pads: 150 mm
- Width cooling pads: 600 mm
- Height cooling pads: up to max. 2400 mm
- Modular construction up to max 24m width per pump 


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  Economic Development Zone, Qingzhou City, Shandong Province 262500, China

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